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Utah Soaring to New Heights with Updated Salt Lake International Airport

At 5 a.m. on September 15th, 2020, the early morning silence was broken by the sound of cheers and jet engines. This was the day of the grand opening of the brand new, $4.1 billion Salt Lake City International Airport. This marks a new chapter of travel for those coming and going to the Salt Lake Area. 

Picture of the exterior of the Salt Lake City International Airport (Photo from the Salt Lake International Airport Facebook page)


After patiently waiting 3,163 days, everyone can now enjoy the new airport. Due to COVID-19 and the reduction of the passenger numbers flowing through the airport, about two years were saved in the construction process. On top of saving time, they were able to save an estimated $300 million. Additionally, Salt Lake City did not use any local tax dollars on the reconstruction project. This new rendition of the airport comes with many upgraded amenities and new perks travelers can enjoy.


A top priority for the construction of the airport was to capture Utah’s beauty and put it on display. When you first see the airport you can instantly see the attention to detail. The new terminal has native Utah plants in the landscaping, distinct colors to represent Utah inside and out, and added giant glass windows in the terminals for stunning views of the mountain backdrop of Salt Lake City. On top of that, there is a new art piece called The Canyon, a football field-sized art piece that shows Utah’s diverse topography and natural beauty. 

Picture of The Canyon art piece in the Salt Lake City International Airport (Photo from the Salt Lake International Airport Facebook page)


The terminal hosts all-new dining and shopping experiences. When combined with some old favorites, you will find 58 total dining and shopping locations. The airport is lined with well-respected brands such as Shake Shack, Hip & Humble, LEGO, Uinta Brewing and so much more. While there are a lot of new additions, there are some familiar favorites like Cafe Rio, Squatters Pub, and XpresSpa. Whether you are running late and just need a snack and a magazine, or you have some time to unwind with a glass of wine and enjoy the shops, the new airport has checked the boxes.


Utah is a hub for those who love the outdoors, and most bring a lot of gear wherever they go. Luckily for them, the baggage claim system has been given a major upgrade. The new belts have been built wider to accommodate all of your oversized goods such as skis, snowboards, and golf clubs. This means that all of your luggage will now arrive on the same carousel. Seven miles of conveyor belts were built to transport bags across multiple checkpoints across the airport. With belts from the baggage claim to the parking garage, there’s no need to even carry or wheel your luggage.


Speaking of the parking garage, this one is all-new and much more advanced than you may expect. This state of the art parking garage features a camera-based sensor system that uses lighting to show the location of empty parking spots. On top of that, it doubled the old parking structures capacity with 3,600 spots. Pedestrian bridges take you from the parking lot to the terminal. Now, The flow of traffic should be much smoother. 

Picture of the new state of the art parking garage the Salt Lake City International Airport (Photo from the Salt Lake International Airport Facebook page)


This new airport was designed with efficiency in mind. The airport has received a gold star certification from LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). The certification ensures that the building was built using energy-saving, water-efficient, and CO2 emission reduction strategies. This gold level certification is one that only 9 other airports in the U.S. have achieved. 


Phase two of the airport reconstruction is set to be completed in 2024. 


Why does this matter? 


The redesign of the airport shows the growth and development of Salt Lake City as an up-and-coming urban area with greater influence in the world. 


USA Today currently ranks Utah’s economy as the best of any state. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many states have suffered from soaring unemployment rates. Utah’s unemployment rate stands at 5.1%, which is less than half of the national average. Even before the pandemic, Utah had a far stronger economy than most of the country. 


The strength of Utah’s economy paired with the pandemic causing surging rates of individuals working from home has groups from all over the country flocking to Utah for its unique outdoor opportunities and larger properties.


You can see the growth as you explore the state, with the great expansion of Utah as an international hub for business and technology. This new airport is one of the many steps that Utah is taking to ensure its place as a “go-to” destination in the future.


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Salt Lake Local Restaurants to Support

In these uncertain times, it is increasingly important to support small business owners. Plus, everyone still has those days when they have no desire to cook. It doesn’t matter whether there is a Stay-At-Home order or not.  Luckily many of our favorite restaurants are remaining open for carry-out or delivery service.

As a reminder, ordering delivery and carry-out service is safe, as long as you follow proper precautions. There is no evidence that suggests food or food packaging being associated with COVID-19. To take extra precautions, you can wipe down food packaging, put the food on your own plate, and wash your hands thoroughly before eating to minimize risk.

Supporting these restaurants will also help these locally run and owned businesses remain open long after the COVID-19 pandemic has passed.

Take a look at some of these local favorites:

The Pie Pizzeria

The Pie Pizzeria is a local favorite with locations across the Salt Lake Valley.

Many of their locations are still open, and you can call your nearest location to order pizza for delivery or curbside takeout. Visit their site to learn more.


Pig & a Jelly Jar

Pig & a Jelly Jar provides a twist on Southern comfort food with locations in Salt Lake, Holladay, and Ogden.

You can order online, and then head out to your choice of location for pickup. Another awesome addition is that you can donate money on their website to provide meals for Pig & a Jelly Jar to front line healthcare workers.


Proper Burger Co.

Proper serves classic American fare with vegan and vegetarian options available. They also have Proper Brewing Co. libations available for those who are interested.

They have their delivery and curbside menu available on their website. Online ordering is available.



Chile-Tepin is a popular spot downtown for Mexican cuisine, named after the chile-tepin pepper, the only wild chile native to the U.S.

Chile-Tepin is open for Lunch and dinner. You can order online for pickup or delivery within 8 miles.


Sicilia Mia

Sicilia Mia is a popular locally owned and operated Italian restaurant open for lunch and dinner service.

They have online ordering available on their website.



Tsunami is a go-to sushi restaurant for many across the Salt Lake valley.

They are open for dinner only and have their curbside menu available on their website.


Sugarhouse BBQ

Sugarhouse BBQ offers signature style Memphis barbecue from their ideal location in the heart of Sugarhouse.

They are open for takeout and delivery and have online ordering available.


Midvale Mining Cafe

Midvale Mining company is another great spot for comfort food.

They are open for takeout orders You can find their menu on their website, with weekly specials on their Facebook page. You can call them to place an order at 801-255-5511.



Wingers is a locally owned and operated franchise chain in the Western region. They serve classic American-style fare.

Find your closest location on their website and review their menu. Then call them to order takeout.



Spitz serves Mediterranean street food across the American West, with 5 locally owned  locations in Utah.

You can order for each location on their website for delivery and curbside takeout.


There are many more local restaurants that could use your support during these difficult times. You can find even more options over at

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